Colin Don Schouw

Colin Don Schouw is a Cape Town serial entrepreneur who is a founder of The Fixer Company, Partner at The Fashion Company and Tech Startup HostSpot. Through tailor-made strategy development; thought leadership and public relations services he partners with SME’s in South Africa, ensuring they effectively communicate brand value and scale. With a formal (BTBAD); Bachelor of technology in Business Administration and his current master of Technology (MBIS); Business Information Systems dissertation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, he has identified the need for business skills and mentorship within the South African startup industry and is determined to bridge this gap.

Colin has embarked on the journey of bringing together bright minds and industry leaders in Africa to give talks that are idea-focused and on a wide range of subjects; to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and most importantly provoke conversations that matter.

He is also the host of Business Live Radio Talk Show powered by SA’s number one Launchpad for SME’s, entrepreneurs, charities and event, Hashtag Radio. This rapidly growing talk show dissects, discusses and debates entrepreneurship in Africa.

On the show they also tackle business, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and provide this open platform to empower and inspire their listeners. They have and continue to build Africa’s business network and use this platform to connect entrepreneurs to the global market.