Invest in Africa Virtual Summit Program

Day 1: Monday June 5, 2017 – 10:00am ET (Eastern Time, New York Time)
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Opportunities for Startups, Investors & Partnerships

10 am ET Opening Keynote Speaker: Professor Kingsley Moghalu,  CEO, Scholar, Philantropist, Tufts University, Key factors to consider for African startups and foreign investors 

11 am ET Maja Andjelkovic, Senior Private Sector Specialist, World Bank Group,, Scaling for Innovation   

12 pm ET Viola Llewellyn, Co-Founder & President, Ovamba, Bridging the gap between African SMEs and International Investors 

1 pm ET Simunza Muyangana, Co-Founder, Director, BongoHive, Reducing barriers to entrepreneurship 

2 pm ET Kevin Allen, Founding Director, African Crowdfunding Association, Why crowdfunding matters to African startups 

3 pm ET Aliesha Balde, Communications Manager, African Technology Foundation, Bridging the Diaspora and Africa

Day 2: Tuesday June 6, 2017 – 10:00am ET / 16:00 GMT
Making your African startup and investment dream a reality 

10 am ET Dr. Harnet , Market Entry Strategist, Africa Business Jumpstart, How to do business in Africa 

11 am ET Paul Oberschneider, Founder, Hauser-Oberschneider Business Advisory, Why sell tacos in Africa 

12 pm ET Audrey Cheng, CEO, Founder, Moringa School, Bridging the skills gap in Africa’s eco-system 

1 pm ET Mira Mehta, Founder, Tomato Jos,  Agritech’s attractiveness as a profitable social enterprise 

2 pm ET Opeyemi Awoyemi, Co-Founder, Investor, Jobberman, The online jobs giant’s mission 

3 pm ET Stephen Newton, President, Co-Founder, Illuminate Group, Africa’s booming consumer base

Day 3: Wednesday June 7, 2017 – 10:00am ET / 16:00 GMT
Build it and they will come: business opportunities in Africa’s booming markets

10 am ET Akon, Singer, Co-Founder, Akon Lighting Africa, – Keynote, Africa: An entrepreneurial and investor’s paradise 

11 am ET Chris Folayan, Founder, CEO, Mall for Africa Ltd, Opportunities to serve the growing African middle class 

12 pm ET Leyland Hazelwood, Top Advisor & Author, Dimpex Inc, Doing business in Africa: what you need to know 

1 pm ET Dwight Sproull, Content and Communications Manager, Humaniq, Financial inclusion with mobile technology 

2 pm ET Alex Boadi, Founder, Risk Manager, Lets Move Africa, Navigating real estate investments on the continent 

3 pm ET Xavier Gomez, COO, Avak Group, Financial literacy’s role in Africa’s economic growth 

Day 4: Thursday June 8, 2017 – 10:00am ET / 16:00 GMT

Leveling the playing field- how technology is transforming Africa’s startup landscape

10 am ET Colin Don Schouw, MD, Business Strategist, The Fixer Company, Capetown’s startup boom and why it matters 

11 am ET Chris Bates, Chief Security Officer & President, Bitland Global, Empowering Africa with property innovation tools 

12 pm ET John Karanja, Founder & Consulting Lead, BitHub.Africa, Blockchain Adoption, the challenges and promises

1 pm ET Carlos Chima, CMO, Realty Africa – Wealth building in Africa through crowdfunding real estate 12pm ET

2 pm ET Jones Amegbor, Founder & CEO, PayInc Group – Reinventing remittance with technology

3 pm Closing Keynote Speaker: John-Paul Iwuoha, Business Strategist, Founder, Smallstarter Africa, Business ideas for the African market